The PICKAFIGHT HOME Page is the main portal page that allows you to access the applications functionality. From the HOME page you can CHOOSE AN EVENT to make picks from, ADD AN EVENT if you know about an MMA event that you don’t see listed that you would like us to add for users to make picks against, view event and worldwide STATUS BOARDS, view your own quick access list of events that you have made picks for on the MY PICKS page and also view your progress on the MY POINTS page. In addition you can receive important ANNOUNCEMENTS or communications from the PICKAFIGHT staff.

From the HOME page you can also make changes to your SETTINGS if necessary, send an INVITE to your family and friends to join the PICKAFIGHT community and, if need be, CONTACT US at any time with any questions, suggestions or issues you encounter in the App. We are happy to receive messages from our Users and want to make sure that the PICKAFIGHT App is always working properly and the way our Users expect.



The CHOOSE AN EVENT Page displays items (events) first by month then by date. You can select the events you want to make your picks from via this page that will take you to that events FIGHT CARD. By swiping your finger up or down the page you can view past events or future events available for viewing.

At the bottom of the page you will see the text “CAN’T FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR?” This is a link that will take you to the ADD AN EVENT page where you can enter information for an event that you are interested in seeing in the PICKAFIGHT App. We encourage you to let us know about any professional or Amateur event that you know about. We love to support the MMA community as a whole and like to get the word out about events regardless of what organization is putting them on or where they are taking place. Let us showcase your event, bring attention to your organization, your brand, your fighters etc. We are happy to do it!


This feature allows you to have an event added to the App. for all the PICKAFIGHT User community to know about, access and make picks against. After you fill out the form as completely as possible and submit it to the PICKAFIGHT Staff the information is reviewed, validated, the fight card created and then posted for the PAF community to view and use.

Note: We will work as quickly as possible to validate and post the card to the App. Therefore, it is very important that if you want to have the event posted you are as thorough as possible when filling out the form and (if at all possible) give us a POC to speak with so that we can get the details we would need in order to establish the fight card. In addition, giving us more than a 24 hr heads-up is necessary, especially when working with Amateur organizations, many times getting information on new fighters is difficult. In all cases we will do everything we can to get the event up but if we are unable to get the information we need in time to produce the card – posting is not likely.


This feature allows you to view the highest point holders by event and of course worldwide. These statistics are automatically updated when the results are posted for each fight.


The MY PICKS feature allows you to have quicklinks to events that you have already made picks for. These quicklinks are automatically generated once you make a pick for an event. This feature allows you to get back to specific events of interest quickly in case you want to make any changes or reference any of the other available information associated with an event.


This feature tracks your success and current point total. Within the MY POINTS page is also an area where you can redeem any special promotion codes that you may have received.


This feature allows us to reach out to you with any information we feel might be of value to you. You can keep this information for as long as you like or delete it when you feel like it.


From this page you will be able to view detailed information about the specific event you chose. Date, location/venue and times of the event are displayed at the top of the page. The page shows the main card then undercard matches in as close to “match order” as possible at time of posting. To make a selection simply select the picture of the fighter in a match that you believe will win the fight. This action will take you to the PICKS page.

Also available on the FIGHT CARD Page is the ability to view MATCH-UP data for that particular fight as well as to PREVIEW any media related to that match-up available.

Other useful options include the ability to select any fighter via their name link to view profile information about that fighter as well as to SHARE your picks with friends via text, Facebook, email or Twitter.

At any time if you wish to edit the choices you made regarding who you thought would win the fight, how they would win it or the round you only need to select the photo of the individual you want to choose and you will be taken to the PICKS page to change any options you want.

Note: Shortly before the under or main card of an event are scheduled to take place or broadcast the ability to make PICKS will be “CLOSED”. Let’s face it, it’s not very sporting to be able to choose the winner after the fight has taken place and you know how it all turned out! This may seem really early for some international events but you must remember that in some cases they are several hours ahead of us and therefore we need to take that into consideration.


From this page you are able to choose who you think will win the fight, how you think they will win the fight, by which method and at what point in the fight they will be victorious (round and time). The only required field you must select out of those options to earn points is the fighter. Other options simply allow you to garner additional points should you want to take a stab at it. It is also a fun way to go up against your friends to see who can make the more accurate choices.

When you are finished making your selections save your choices by clicking “SAVE” and the next fight card will automatically load. You can chose to work through the FIGHT CARD in this fashion or swipe your finger across the screen to move forward or backwards between matches. Of course you can also use the back button to leave this page and go back to the FIGHT CARD whenever you want.